City Clerk


The city clerk is the custodian of all records for the City of New Madrid. In addition to providing administrative support for the mayor and board of aldermen, the city clerk performs duties prescribed by statute, ordinance, administrative rule or as directed by the board of aldermen and city administrator.

As custodian of records, the city clerk:

  • Attends all regular and special meetings of the Board of Aldermen
  • Maintains a journal of its proceedings
  • Posts agendas, minutes of the Board of Aldermen and all other boards of the city
  • Posts all official notices, public hearings, and advertisements
  • Responsible for the maintenance and/or preparation of all ordinances, resolutions, contracts and other vital documents of the city.

The city clerk serves as the election authority, coordinating local elections with the New Madrid County Election Board and serves as the city contact for building permits and mobile home placement permits, zoning requirements, variance requests and business licensing.