Water & Sewer

Water Supply

The alluvial valley of the Mississippi River provides an abundant supply of ground water in the range of 600-1,000 gallons per minute of low iron content water. Water levels range between 15 feet and 25 feet below land surface. The city water supply is provided through two wells and is processed through modern treatment facilities which became operational in 1972.

Treatment Plant

The treatment plant has a capacity of 1,400,000 gallons per day. The current demand average is 325 thousand gallons per day. The plant was designed so that its capacity could be doubled with ease.

Sewage Facility

The sewerage treatment facility is an aerated lagoon having a design capacity to service a population of 5,000. The plant capacity is 500 thousand gallons per day with the present load of 300,000 gallons per day. This facility was placed on stream in 1971.

2017 Annual Water Quality Report (PDF) To request a paper copy of the 2016 report call MLP at 573-748-2458.

The 2017 annual water quality report will be published in The Weekly Record newspaper, placed in public areas, and can be request at City Hall.