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Rescue Vehicle

New Mini Pumper/Rescue Truck

The safety of the citizens of this great city is of significant importance, and we are always looking at ways to better protect the entire community. Another addition to continuing our public safety arrived last week, a need that we know will save lives.

The City of New Madrid received its new mini pumper/rescue truck and supplies that were ordered last year. It is the first truck the City has owned that can serve as a rescue truck, possessing the "jaws of life" extrication capabilities that have been previously unavailable.

The truck is also the first the City has had access to that can utilize compressed air foam (CAF) to fight fires. CAF hoses are lighter and easier to use than water hoses, allowing our fire department to use less water and be more efficient.

New functions and capabilities will require training for our firefighters, but we hope to get them trained quickly and put the truck into use as soon as possible.